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I’m Sally Kathryn

Your Personal Love Coach

Helping you find and attract true love in less time

Personal Life Coaching

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What is Love Coaching?

Love Coaching is about helping a woman build the necessary mindset, tools and strategy so that she can learn how to find and attract the love she truly desires.

Sometimes it takes a simple nudge, and other times it means working hard to break down barriers, remove blocks or stop negative patterns from repeating.

Whatever the situation, there is a solution if you’re open and willing to change.


Who is it for?

Love coaching is for any woman who:

  • Has no idea why she can’t find high quality men to date

  • Rarely goes out on dates and has no idea where to find them

  • Finds herself repeating the same patterns with the same types of men

  • Knows she needs internal work before she puts herself out there again but is unsure of how to ‘get there’

  • Finds herself continually ghosted on or rarely getting asked out for a second date

  • Is tired of the dating game and wants to find real, genuine love in less time (preferably yesterday!)

Some ways to work with me

Online Dating Profile Review

Need some help making sure you stand out online?!
I’ve got you covered girl!
I’ll personally review your online dating profile and give you actionable edits and suggestions to improve it, so you can get booked with high value men in no time. (Can I get an AMEN!?)


Online Dating Mastery

This Online Dating Mastery course will have you finding love in less time using free or paid dating apps.

From how to create an epic online dating profile that gets you views, messages and replies NON-STOP, to how and when to take things offline and in-person.

You’ll navigate the world of online dating with ease and confidence to get the guy you truly desire!


Love Coaching Session

Perfect for situations where you are struggling with dating or relationships and need some professional advice and guidance.

What you get from me on these calls:
Insights, clarity, and you leave with a plan of action that you can start implementing right away to get results and find the love you’ve been craving!

You ready?
Let’s do it. <3  xo


1-on-1 Coaching

When finding and attracting love is on the top of your list of priorities… This is an exclusive, intensive and highly personalized monthly coaching program for women ready to get results.
Please Note: There is an application process and waitlist. 


About Me

My name is Sally Kathryn and I’m a Love Coach!

I empower women to find and attract love in less time through a ridiculously simple process that just WORKS. It takes the overwhelm, frustration and emotion out of dating, making it much easier to find a high quality man for long-term love.

I do all of this because I so desperately needed it myself back when I was 32 and still single… feeling completely lost when it came to love. I did all the research, I read all the studies, I tested all the theories myself and found my soulmate within 4 months. And my personal goal is to help other women do the same… because I believe women THRIVE when they have love in their lives. Watch a woman who is madly in love and in a high quality relationship, and you’ll see a woman kicking butt in every other avenue of life!

For me… nothing feels better than knowing I helped her help herself get there! <3 xo


I hadn’t dated in 3 years and after working with her, a week later I had a first date and I’ve been with him almost 6 months now – just moved in together it’s amazing. SHE is amazing! Definitely talk to her.


“I just wanted to share with you, I met the most amazing man. I used all the tools and advice you’ve given and have done what I could to be vulnerable and let him in. It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks and we are both smitten… I just wanted to share… because I’m sure your guidance has helped me to let this beautiful soul into my life. xo”


I am just gonna say, as someone who is socially awkward and just let conversation on dating sites die before, this thing works! I already told Sally part of this, but I was asked out TWICE today!! And I didn’t even officially finish the course!!! I am feeling so good!! Edit: Now a third wants to meet for coffee.


What are you waiting for?

Love is only a message away!

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