You want to know something about me? I struggle at ‘sales’. I mean when it comes down to it. I SUCK AT IT.


That may be a surprise to some, but it’s the truth… I’ve been successful despite myself. Honestly.


You see, I’m terrible at communicating my value on calls, I’m terrible at expressing how I can help you. I’m just not great at it, at all.


I’ve been really fortunate to have people who have followed me, who see the incredible value I offer, and see the incredible knowledge and experience I have… those are the ones who have invested in working with me despite my weaknesses. They have taken the biggest leaps (in my opinion).


Fortunately, they have also reaped the rewards and seen the positive results.

Thankfully, I am amazing at doing what I do… but the sales part… not so much.


It took me too long to realize that I needed help. Too many days, too many weeks, too many months.


I realized that I was hindering not only myself… my business… my passion… but I was also hindering the many women I want to help! My goal has been to empower women to find real true love, and I can’t do that if they don’t know what I am capable of! And I can’t do that if I’m not reaching out to people I KNOW need me, and who I could have a tremendous positive impact on.


I talk a lot about investing in your love life, to invest in bettering the areas you want to see improvements in. Yet I wasn’t willing to do the same for myself or for you, and for that I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.


That changes NOW. I’m making a commitment to do better.


I’ve invested in becoming better at expressing my value (thank you Laura Wright, you’re truly EPIC!) and I’m not going to be afraid to reach out anymore.


WHY? Because if you’ve been single for too damn long… you need my help. And I’m going to be standing there waiting for you to take the leap, as I have, as others before you have.


The definition of insanity is dong the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein


I’m choosing to stay sane, and I’m choosing a different path.


Are you ready to do the same?





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