This week I had to hurt my friend…. she cried.

I didn’t want to do it… and I almost cried after because I felt that I was the one who made her cry.


This week I had to tell the ugly truth. AND IT SUCKED.

And honestly, I’m ok with it… even though it’s hard. Every. Single. Time. I. Do. It.

It’s my job first of all… and people even pay me to hear it.


Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes it’s just plain ugly.


Sometimes we need to hear it and we need to know that something is NOT ok, that something warrants our disgust and hurt, that something is not cute or loving, that something had a bit of a hidden agenda, that something was shit.


If someone you’re dating goes missing for any unannounced length of time and then randomly messages you ‘Hey, I’ve missed you baby, I want to see you tomorrow’… I will not say ‘Awww that’s cute’, I will tell you they shouldn’t have gone missing enough to ‘miss you’ and “NEXT!”.


If they consistently call to make dates the day of or even AT places to invite you out to meet them… I will tell you they are acting like you are an option, not a priority.


If they have been dating you a while and still haven’t put a label on it… I will tell you there’s something wrong.


If they haven’t introduced you to their family or friends and it’s been months… I will tell you to start asking questions and have your guard up.


If you tell me you have a serious gut feeling something is off, I will tell you to trust yourself and your feelings and do what you know you must.


I am too BLUNT sometimes… Yes… I am working on that… but you know that when you ask me something or tell me about your situation I will tell you the truth… even if it’s ugly. Even if it might make you cry. Even if you know deep down it’s true anyways.


And don’t be afraid to look at the ugly truth. To call something for what it really is.


Not every relationship is going to work out, not every person you date will end up being your forever. And that’s ok too.

(And thank goodness for that, right?! ) 😉

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