I know they mean well.


I really do.


But for goodness sakes please do not let anyone else close to you tell you these horrible lies.


Here are the TOP 3 WORST pieces of dating advice ever:


1) “When you stop looking you’ll find him/her.”


Yeah… ok. That’s about as solid advice as ‘when you stop looking for clients, they’ll find you’. Need I say more?


TRUE STORY: When I stopped looking, the only thing I found were really great movies to watch on Netflix. HA! ๐Ÿ˜‰


2) “If you don’t have an instant connection/attraction, it’s not meant to be.”


Really? Ugh. Attraction has the ability to grow. Haven’t you EVER met anyone in your life that you weren’t immediately bonkers for who you eventually ended up crushing on, or even grew to LOVE? I’ve heard of many friendships that blossomed into deep lifelong love. Just because it doesn’t click on a great first date doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go on a second one.


TRUE STORY: The first date I had with my very first boyfriend, I was not at all attracted to him. Not sure what didn’t click for me, but I decided to give him another chance… we ended up together for 3 years and I was deeply attracted to him throughout. It happens. You’re nervous the first time you meet, they’re nervous, it’s just awkward, even at the start of the best relationships. It’s too much pressure sometimes.


3) “Play hard to get” aka “Wait 3 days to call/text”


Oh man. You’re playing with fire here. Authentic, high value people do not play games. They just don’t. AND If they catch you playing games, they will be SO done with you. A real woman/man wants to know you think they’re special and you’re interested. Yes, you can overdo it, so be careful, but don’t ignore them, or come off as ‘busy’ or wait a few days before responding.


TRUE STORY: I went out with a guy I really liked. He made me laugh, he was a gentleman, and we had a great date. At the end he asked me what I was doing that weekend, I said “no plans yet, you?” he replied “no plans either”. After a few days he asked me out on a Saturday morning for that evening. Too late. I had already made plans to do something else and had also assumed he wasn’t interested. He later confessed his friends told him not to appear too eager and not to ask me out even though he wanted to. BAD ADVICE.


If you have been doling out this type of advice to any of your friends and family members, please repeat the following, or feel free to share this post on your FB page:


I, (full name), do solemnly swear, never to give out bad dating advice, as has been outlined here today. When in doubt, I will refer my friends and family members who are struggling with dating to book a call with Sally Kathryn ( calendly.com/sallykathryn ). She is the real deal, and gives the best dating advice ever. I mean she’s just truly EPIC with all the amazing advice she gives. I wish I were like Sal….


Ok OK kidding! But for real though, if you need help finding and attracting love, book a call with me:






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