“But Sally, I didn’t do that and I found my soulmate?”

Yes. And there will always be exceptions to ‘rules’.

“But Sally I slept with my husband on the first date… and now we’re happily married and have 3 wonderful kids!”

Fantastic! So what you’re saying is you want me to tell everyone that if they sleep with a man on the first date they’re more likely to get married and have 3 kids?

Please get your head out of your a**… cuz you’re in the dark.

The problem is that you must recognize that there are and always will be exceptions to rules.

There are many times that I will post a blog or post on social media, using sweeping generalizations… what I like to call a ‘message for the masses’. There is a reason I do this.

Yes, you’re a big girl and you wear big girl pants, and you can have drinks on a first date without drinking too much and making bad choices or saying the wrong thing. BUT NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE YOU! So when I say ‘don’t drink on the first date’ or ‘have only one glass on the first date’, it is unnecessary to comment and tell me that ‘we’re all adults here, we can control ourselves Sally’.

OH YEAH? If that were true, I wouldn’t have gone on dates where the guy ended up so drunk and sloppy that I was completely turned off. If that were true, I wouldn’t have had to hear stories from friends and clients that drank too much and regretted it.

Not to mention that unless we’re doing 1-on-1 coaching and I know your situation in detail, you will not get all the perfect answers that are tailored just for you. That’s why I offer 1-on-1!

And those of you who are still single should be weary of those offering advice who have been happily involved for years, especially when they haven’t experienced the modern dating world as an adult (and met their soulmate in highschool/college). Their reality is so very different than your own.

And when you’re really stuck in a rut, dating the same type of people over and over again… staying single for way longer than you care to be… tired of receiving dick pics… tired of getting asked to ‘send more pics’… you call me so we can end this crap cycle.

And I promise it will be tailored to you, personalized coaching and advice:



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