There are 3 key elements for dating success




Without being in the right headspace for dating, you WILL get stuck. You will ride the rollercoaster and you will be begging it to stop so you can get off. How do you know you’re in the wrong headspace? You date for a short period of time… maybe go on 2 (typically bad) dates and then stop for a few weeks or months.


It’s typically at this point that you realize you can’t sit at home watching Netflix and expect to find your soulmate, so you hop on the rollercoaster again, ending in more tears and frustrations, and more months off of dating. Rinse and repeat.




You continually date the same type of person that results in the same types of relationships… spending way too many months or years with the wrong people and then ending back at square one again. Wondering why you can’t attract a high quality man, and why you’re having troubles meeting the right ones.


Truth is, you need to love your singlehood and be in a space of pure joy and gratitude, self-love AND confidence in order to uplevel in love.




You just have given up entirely on dating and love. You’re bitter, angry, frustrated or maybe you’re completely numb. It’s become much easier to stay single than the thought of going out ‘there’ again.





Do you know what you’re looking for? Do you know what you WANT but more importantly NEED? We are all told to write our ‘list’ but did you know you’re supposed to have 2? 1 is not enough, and 1 is going to set you off track. Did you know you also shouldn’t have anything on there that can change… like education or income or looks?


You need to figure out what your soulmate is like and then come up with a plan to find him. You need to set goals, and come up with tactics that will help you be in the right place at the right time, AND be able to identify him when you meet him.


You also need to know what your standards and boundaries are and how to communicate them… Do you know what those are for you? Do you know how to make sure people stay within them?


All these things (and more) are important to know BEFORE you start dating again.





Are you putting in the work? Are you going on a date a week? Are you talking to people? Are you signalling to the Universe/Divine/God that you’re available and willing to receive real true and meaningful love?


You need to make the effort to move forward in dating, and you can’t do it watching TV by yourself every night. (Unless there’s a lineup of bachelors passing through your living room every night, which if there is, please call me and I’ll let all my single clients know to save them the effort as well) ?


These 3 elements are CRUCIAL to you in dating, and in LIFE and BUSINESS as well.


I want you to start dating from a place of confidence and joy. Where nothing can bring you down for more than a hot minute or two. Dick pic? Pulease. A man being rude and calling me names… PULEASE… Nothing is going to bring me down.


I’m in control this time, and I’m in the ‘zone’.


This is why I created my group coaching program Kickstart Your Love Life… And this is why 50% of the women found love within a week of completing it… You do the work, you reap the rewards!


We focus on these 3 areas, and we go DEEP. Each weekday is a FB Live Q&A session with me. FOR REAL. And each weekday you have a lesson and activity.


We’re starting January 9th, so we ‘graduate’ right before Valentine’s Day… because we will be celebrating together on this special day! We will make it special together!


Who’s ready to kickstart their 2017 with a focus on bringing LOVE and JOY into their life!?


(Payment plans are available, please PM me for details)




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