(WARNING: Richard does not pussyfoot in this video, and if a rape scenario might be a trigger for you, please do not watch.)

I went to a self-defense seminar on Saturday and these guys were the REAL FUCKING DEAL. No bullshit.

No candy coating, let me hold your hand while I walk you through this, shit.

I walked away feeling like I had much better tools for defending and protecting myself, and so I want to share some of this info with you too!

BTW I still have bruises and scratches all over my body. It was intense, and literally the best seminar I’ve ever been to. In fact I feel so strongly about it that I will be holding events and inviting them to present these self-defense techniques to our attendees.

Below is an old video of one of the instructors Richard Dimitri teaching you exactly what to do when someone is attacking you with the intention of rape.

God forbid you should ever find yourself in this situation, I’m hoping you will have learned something from this video..

I also STRONGLY suggest you find and attend a Senshido class. These people are a family of great-hearted men and women who are wanting to empower people to protect themselves.

I have never felt so comfortable in a seminar like this. I consider them my family now too.

More about Senshido:

“Senshido’s first mission is survival. At its heart, it is a reality-based self-defense system. This means, in essence, it teaches survival skills for real world violent situations. It helps prepare you for the worst, by drawing out the elemental and instinctive self-defense tools we all have.”


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