Since I’ve learned these lessons the hard way, maybe I can help you to avoid doing the same!

Here are the top 4 things you should do before guest appearances/hosting:

  1. Always ask for details on format and what the host would like to discuss/information on the topic (it’s better to have an in- person/Skype discussion before accepting an invitation)
  2. Listen to previous podcasts/interviews they’ve done to get a sense of what they’re like
  3. Never give information for someone to share on their podcast or a live event unless you’re in attendance. Why? Because they cannot ask questions and may jump to conclusions and put words in your mouth (dangerous game)
  4. Always ask to see the publication/mag before it goes to print so you can review it before it goes live (to make any necessary edits)

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR IMAGE and what is being put out there on your ‘behalf’.

If you’re interested in being a guest for a podcast or live event there are 2 people that I had a PHENOMENAL experience with. Lorna Poole (BadBoyBreakthrough) and Nick Pereira (HangOutwithCoachNick).

These two are amazing and have NAILED the process down making it super easy and an amazing experience for guests! It’s what they do ๐Ÿ™‚

So what lessons have you learned from being a guest on a show or featured in a mag?


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