Do you remember your most embarrassing moments?

I bet you play them back over and over again. Or the things you regret and wish you had handled differently.

You go back in time and you replay that shit again and again, remembering how foolish you looked and felt.

What if I told you that most people… maybe even 99% of the people involved don’t even remember what you did. And of those that remembered (if any) maybe only 1% would care or think less of you as a result.

So if we do the math… and bear with me because I suck at math… only 1% of 1% would remember and think you were an idiot.

That’s a pretty low number.

Now go back and think about how your thoughts have been sabotaging your self-worth, and affecting the decisions you make TODAY as a result of replaying these scenarios in your mind.

Pretty lame right?

It doesn’t make sense to dwell on the past, when you can’t change it, and it doesn’t matter anyways… it doesn’t determine your future… YOU DO.

So stop hurting yourself, stop thinking less of yourself, stop worrying about what other people think, and start living in the NOW, start making better decisions TODAY, start owning how amazing you are!

With truth and love,

Sally Kathryn


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