(aka Client Love)

Dear Single Ladies,

If you’re looking for love you HAVE to talk to Sally Kathryn!!

I’ve been “dating” without any luck for over 3 years.

Then, I had a call with Sally and we totally refocused my approach to dating.

The very next date I went on was pure magic. We spent the entire day together, and almost a month later, we’re still inseparable.

If you’re looking for the right someone, You defs need to talk to Sally. She is so incredibly easy to talk to (didn’t judge me for my crazies) and has always been there for support as I needed it!!



Dear Sally,
A few months ago I was very fortunate to come across your facebook page and was able to listen in on your live chats. I was intrigued and very impressed with both your lovely presence and most certainly your knowledge. You have all the elements of a love coach I could possibly want. You explain yourself articulately, you are up beat and to the point, your compassionate and passionate about your work and you are incredibly insightful, confident and informed. Although you have such a youthful glow and innocence you are indeed experienced in the world of love and have clearly studied your craft with great depth. I have learned so much and have had the opportunity to work with you and it has been life changing. You not only respond to my needs but go beyond the call of duty to reach out and check in. I am so deeply grateful for this. Additionally your business knowledge has also provided me with the support, direction and encouragement I needed. Simply said you are a powerhouse of information, support and advice that has transformative effects that are indeed rare in both business and the business of love. ❤
From the bottom of my heart, thank you!đź’•

Went on a bit of a gamble with Sally Kathryn for some dating advice but it was a real jackpot! Never dated nor had a partner for 27 years of my life and after chatting with Sally, and opening my mind to what’s really out there, I set out with a reorganized mind for love. Just a few days after, went on a date with someone and less than a week, we are together! Sally is simply fantastic and if you don’t even have a chat with her or attend her webinars, you are simply missing out on the love of your life. Cheers and thanks again Sally!


If you ever need coaching in love and romance, Sally is your girl… I feel so much more empowered and ready to take on life, thank you chica : )


If you are thinking about working with Sally…don’t question it, just do it! Seriously this woman is a never ending well of awesomeness!!!


I have been single, never married, with no children and turning 40. I just started dating an incredible man. Through the process I was able to see what I was doing to attract wrong type of guys, settle, or sabotage relationships. It is a process. The exercises help you get out of your own way! … Taking the emotions out of it, has helped me see the type of relationship I want, need, and deserve!

Sally really cares about her clients, wants them to find love, and keep love in their lives! If you are single and need help in this area, are ready to make love a priority, then she is your girl. She is authentic! I’m so grateful. Listen to her and get past your excuses!!!!


If you haven’t signed up for Sally Kathryn’s course, please do so now! I spent the last year plus having a miserable dating life. Then I met Sally. I listened to everything she said and I’ve never been happier…

I quickly found myself in a relationship where I feel valued and where he acts in a manner that proves he cares rather than espousing ephemeral words that mean little in the long run.

If you are struggling to find your ideal relationship, please sign up for Sally Kathryn’s course. She is amazing and her advice will help you stop making the same mistakes over and over and will set you on the right path to finding the relationship you deserve.


Thank you Sally! I read this (your ebook) and shared with my single friend. I thought you had great perception and loved your writing style!


Thanks for sharing your ebook Sally, I found comfort and re-assurance in the simplicity but yet informative at the same time. I love how you put your honesty and have shared your experiences, makes it easy to understand. The reality of being rejected is never fun and I do have to remind myself that “Happiness lies elsewhere”. It was refreshing to hear that someone took the time to exploit the online dating ‘thing’, thanks again


Sally Kathryn has a natural way with people and made me feel comfortable opening up almost immediately. After sharing some past dating information and certain aspects in a partner I was looking for, she pinpointed my areas of need and gave me suggestions in my dating life that rapidly helped improve my process.


Fantastic book, Sally Kathryn, enjoying it and putting your ideas to work! Love it!


I’ve consulted with Sally Kathryn and it was one of the best I’ve ever had (trust me I’ve been to a number of coaches for different things and ended up not agreeing with em’ LOL) Speaking with Sally is like talking to your best friend. She knows her stuff, gives awesome advice, gets you to see a new perspective on things and most of all tells you like it is! All this and more with the feeling that someone is looking out and cheering for you to get that amazing relationship! I highly recommend this program and her coaching advice for anyone that’s looking for real results!!


Sally Kathryn is amazing! She is so easy to talk to. I only got to talk to her for an hour and after just an hour, I felt tremendously more confident about my future dating life. She has wisdom about love that I find incredible. I would very highly recommended her. She is truly passionate and authentic in her niche and working with Sally is truly a breath of fresh air. She really can help. Thanks Sally. <3


I spoke with Sally Kathryn for 40 min. In that time, she identified my emotional and behavioural block, explained to me how to correct it and outlines a realistic plan. We went over what I was looking for and discussed how to go about getting that into my life. It was a great experience and anyone who is stuck on the treadmill in their love life should give her call.


I’m so grateful that I committed to putting in the work, and working with you. I am so grateful that very shortly after starting this work with you, I found an amazing man who treats me wonderfully, and may just be a perfect match for me!


Sally’s book is packed with no-nonsense practical advice that I can’t wait to try! I am sure her strategies will help keep me from wasting time on guys who aren’t ready for a relationship.


A year ago I was miserable. I was so focused on finding a partner that fit this unrealistic “vision” I had that I wasn’t paying any attention to what I really needed. Sally Kathryn’s advice and support changed everything. The most important thing I learned from her was to focus on myself. Learning to be the best me I could possibly be helped me realize what was truly important to me in a partner. I found my forever and i wouldn’t have even considered him before. It wasn’t easy. He didn’t fit my “vision” and he wasn’t 100% ready for a relationship. But instead of chasing him, i kept working on me and the more he saw me focusing in me, the more he was attracted to me. The more I worked on me, the more I realized that he met my needs in ways that my every man who had fit into my “vision” did not. After a year, i can’t imagine anyone else in my life. He’s supportive, committed, and treats me how every woman deserves to be treated by a man. I would have never gotten to this point without Sally Kathryn. Be smart. Listen to her. You will be a better person for it and it won’t take long for the right person to notice.