My name is Sally Kathryn and I’m a Love Coach for incredible
women who are looking for their spectacular forever loves.

In a nutshell: I empower you to find and attract love in less time!

Look no further… I’m here to help you find your partner in crime!

I know you’ve tried all the free dating sites, maybe even some paid ones; or maybe you just have no idea how to date at all, and you’re not even sure where to start.

I can help you find what you’re looking for. Why? Because I was there myself.

I was 32, single, hating the thought of dating, having settled for people who were wrong for me in the past and watching my friends and family members getting happily engaged, married or having kids.

I was a great person… I had a good life… I was attractive… so WHY THE HECK WAS I STILL SINGLE!? And then it hit me. The real reason why I was single was: ME

I made a plan for myself, that literally changed my life.

In fact, in just 4 months I found my happily ever after.

Here’s what some of my plan looked like in a nutshell:

  1.    I exercised and increased my confidence

  2.    I gained clarity on what I wanted and needed, recognizing my standards and boundaries

  3.    I wrote down specific goals

  4.    I put my goals into action

  5.    I said yes to every chance of meeting new people

  6.    I said no when something didn’t align with my values or standards

  7.    I focused on embracing my single life with joy

All these things worked WONDERS for me. I found the love of my life, I became a happier and more fulfilled person and I want others to experience the same thing!

Let me show you how easy it is to get what you want, and grow your confidence in the process.

I want to help men and women who are struggling and feeling lonely and frustrated to finally find the love they crave and deserve!

Dating doesn’t have to be painful or hard; you can have fun while finding someone perfect for you.

Don’t delay your success any longer…You deserve to find happiness, just like I did!

Get ready to find your soulmate and live your dream…