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I take the emotion out of dating.

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I use a ridiculously simple process that just WORKS. It takes the overwhelm, frustration and emotion out of dating, making it much easier to find a high quality man for long-term love.

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“I started with the thought, “Really? Do I really want to ask a love coach?” but then I realized, I really want to find love. I’ve been single for a long time (very long indeed). So I took action and got in touch with Sally Kathryn. That was 1.5 months ago. Fast forward and I’m going out with someone now and it’s been AMAZING!! Half the time, I cannot believe this is happening. And at the same time, I am thankful. Thank you once again Sally Kathryn” – L.M.

Did you know:


of the US population is single

million people use dating apps

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I know that dating can feel difficult, and now with online dating being the next big thing, there are so many more rules and guidelines.

But it’s really not that hard when you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

I will walk you through the process of finding someone to date, communicating with them, and moving your relationship forward in the right direction.

It’s not rocket science, but there is a method to dating that I’ve been able to master.

In fact the program I implemented worked so well for me that within four months I found my soulmate.


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Dear Single Ladies,

If you’re looking for love you HAVE to talk to Sally Kathryn!! I’ve been “dating” without any luck for over 3 years.

Then, I had a call with Sally and we totally refocused my approach to dating. The very next date I went on was pure magic. We spent the entire day together, and almost a month later, we’re still inseparable.

If you’re looking for the right someone, You defs need to talk to Sally. She is so incredibly easy to talk to (didn’t judge me for my crazies) and has always been there for support as I needed it!!



Went on a bit of a gamble with Sally Kathryn for some dating advice but it was a real jackpot! Never dated nor had a partner for 27 years of my life and after chatting with Sally, and opening my mind to what’s really out there, I set out with a reorganized mind for love. Just a few days after, went on a date with someone and less than a week, we are together! Sally is simply fantastic…


If you haven’t signed up for Sally Kathryn’s course, please do so now! I spent the last year plus having a miserable dating life. Then I met Sally. I listened to everything she said and I’ve never been happier…

I quickly found myself in a relationship where I feel valued and where he acts in a manner that proves he cares rather than espousing ephemeral words that mean little in the long run.

If you are struggling to find your ideal relationship, please sign up for Sally Kathryn’s course. She is amazing…